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Octaware Technologies Limited offers Accessibility Testing Services designed for people with disabilities in partnership with National Association for the Blind Education and Training (NABET). We help our clients with Accessibility Testing of Website, Portal, and Mobile Applications; to ensure compliance with Section 508, WCAG 2.0, ADA standards and guidelines. We have automated testing tools for Section 508 compliance testing as well as expert human testers, many of whom are persons with disabilities.

In addition to identifying Section 508 compliance issues, we work with customers or system integrator to suggest fixes for software applications, e-commerce platforms, mobile, and web content accessibility issues. We also provide Section 508 remediation services to address requirements directly. Octaware along with NABET has uniquely positioned itself to ensure enhanced website or application accessibility and usability to all, including people with disabilities.

Octaware provides comprehensive accessibility testing services for each phase of the project from the requirement, design, development, quality assurance, and maintenance. We help our client in identifying accessibility related issues and offer compliance solutions in each phase of the project. Our accessibility team works closely with customer project team to help them understand 508/ADA compliance and other requirements related to accessibility to ensure that the deliverables are accessible to all, including people with disabilities.

Accessibility Testing Service

  • Manual Web Accessibility Testing

  • Automated Web Accessibility Testing

  • Mobile Accessibility

  • Usability and Section 508 Compliance Testing

  • Document Section 508 Compliance Testing

  • Assistive Technology Review

  • Remediation Consulting and Training

  • Web Accessibility Training

Accessibility Testing Tools

  • JAWS

  • IBM PageReader

  • WAVE

  • NVDA

  • Opera

  • WindowEyes

  • Microsoft Professional Accessibility Narrator

  • Custom developed Section 508 Automated Test Tools

Why Octaware/NABET

  • Dedicated Accessibility Testing Lab well equipped with Open Source, Custom, and Licensed Tools

  • Experienced Accessibility Test Engineers with Project Managers and Skilled Visually Impaired Testers

  • 3600 Audits offering through Accessibility Reporting and Demos

  • Proven Result Oriented Methodology

  • Successfully delivered large Accessibility Testing Projects in last 5 years

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