CRM Solution for Real Estate Industry

As with any other industry Real Estate industry has been growing on an enormous rate and the requirement to streamline its business processes also getting demanding. RealWin is a real-estate management application Octaware that allows you to track both your customer interactions and property availability in one place. Unique search capabilities give up-to-the-minute matching of properties and requirements. RealWin allows you to turn leads into sales quickly and efficiently by assessing your teams’ performance, conversion rates and responsiveness to customer enquiries. The integration with mapping components like Bing and Google maps help the users navigate the properties by selecting the areas of interest along with filtered based search. By providing real-time pricing and inventory information, CRM Elements for Real Estate lets you optimize prices, maximize profits, and capture potential lost revenues. View your entire inventory from a single page on a dashboard. Adjust prices based on email alerts triggered by sales thresholds. Manage complex pricing models, track multiple buyer opportunities, and manage multiple prices for multiple buyers on a single unit – quickly and easily.


  • Customer Relationship & Management

    Track contacts, companies, locations, multiple addresses, phone numbers and interactions such as e-mail, phone calls, letters and tasks.

  • Projects, Buildings and & Property Unit Management

    It captures all the property information for your users. Store additional related information, such as photos, pipeline activity, tasks, incidents, and associated documents.

  • Agreement Generation (Bilingual)

    RealWin automatically generates property transaction agreements like Rent/lease/Buy-Sell agreements.

  • Emailing Features

    RealWin solution has an inbuilt feature of auto generation of Emails.

  • Maps Integration

    RealWin solution has an inbuilt feature of map integration with individual property. A property search is provided to show all the properties located in an area with the use of real time map.

  • Web based Lead Generation

    Integration with the websites to provide the leads for property requirement.

  • Phone Calls Tracking

    In addition to sending the emails, SMS alerts and sales cold calls to the customers/contacts/prospects, RealWin captures call related information for tracking calls.

  • SMS Alert

    SMS technology is integrated with RealWin.

  • Work Flows

    Allow the system to track the steps, required documents, and milestone reminders to keep the process efficient and on track. Avoid needless delays in the process and keep things from falling through the cracks.

  • Comprehensive Property Search

    A comprehensive search facility is provided by which you can drill down your search criteria to find exact match.

  • Business Intelligence Reports (Dash Board)

    This feature gives overview on overall business statistics.