Web based Employee Relationship Management (ERM) System

Octaware’s next-generation employee relationship management (ERM) application represents a productivity boost opportunity for small to medium businesses. The PowerERM is a company-wide ERM software package used to manage and coordinate all the employee’s functions from hiring to separation including the recruitment and training functionalities.

The PowerERM built on Microsoft .Net web platform has an enterprise-wide reach that offers cross-functional capabilities to the organization. The different functional departments involved in the operations or processes are integrated into a single system. This system takes care of the business processes such as recruitment, training, employee self-service (leave, reimbursement, travel, visa), loan, appraisal, eNews, Payroll and separation of an employee. The product is a role-based with features to deploy multiple geographic location and currency.

Combining the expertise of Human resource specialists and years of global development by an IT engineering team, PowerERM provides organizations and their employees an easy and effective tool to increase operational efficiency.

Empower Your Employees
Automate HR Processes
Improve Productivity


  • Web Based Employee Relationship Management System – PowerERM provides a web based solution of Employee Relationship Management System for medium to large organization.

  • Employee Information – The Employee Information captures complete employee personal, financial, HR, Work Experience, Dependent, Certification and Personal History file, Asset Allocation details etc.

  • Leave Management – PowerERM has a complete flow of leave management system. It has an automated leave management system which facilitates leave process in an organization.

  • Travel Management – With PowerERM Travel Management, organizations and their employees get a much simpler, transparent, error-free and customizable way of keeping track of travel and expenses.

  • Training Management – It provides online training request form which is submitted by employee and goes into approval process. Training requests then notified to supervisor / manager for approval.

  • Attendance System – Though a routine and mechanical task, automating attendance releases the HR team to do more strategic HR development. It also makes it easy to manage approvals for leaves and simultaneously plan so that there is no interruption in the workflow when a person is absent.

  • Attendance with RFID integration – PowerERM has a capability to integrate attendance with RFID system. RFID reader installed at the entrance, reads each and every employee passing through, and push employee tag id to ERMS database through web services, thus automating attendance system.

  • Payroll System – PowerERM enables HR to calculate payroll and sharing pay slip to employee.

  • Appraisal System – Complete Appraisal process flow has been incorporated in PowerERM.

  • Grievances – PowerERM has a Grievances section, where employee puts his/her feeling towards any subject in an organization. It has category such as public, only to HR, only to manager etc

  • HR Details – It gives complete information of employee with HR department.

  • Loan/Advance Management – Loan/Advance Management system helps employee for online request. Email notifications are integrated with this module.

  • Time Sheet Management – PowerERM has facility for entering time sheet for every employee in an organization.

  • Project Management & Tracking – This section has complete information of the entire project billable or non-billable in an organization.

  • Reimbursement System – PowerERM has an automated online form for reimbursement.

  • VISA Management – PowerERM enables HR to keep track of all Visa information such as expiry, renew etc. PowerERM sends email notification to HR whenever any visa expires or due for renewable.

  • Rejoining System – PowerERM helps employees to rejoin when they come back from the assignment such as business, project, training etc.

  • Separation / Exit – It has a complete separation / Exit process for an employee.

  • Delegation – PowerERM enables manager/employee to delegate their role or functions to their co-worker for specified period of time.

  • Company News – PowerERM provides facility to share company/employee news among their employees.

  • Business Intelligence Report – PowerERM provides numerous valuable business intelligence reports for HR, manager and employee.