Office Automation & eProcurement Solution

Octaware’s eQuire Office Automation & Sourcing solution is a great way to save money and time while protecting your important business information. People no longer want to store paper records or hand written order forms and other information needed to do business. Octaware’s pioneer solution makes it much easier to run your business without the need for so much paper, whatever the size and nature of your business.

eQuire comprises of two modules:

  • eQuire Office Automation System

  • eQuire Procurement Management System

eQuire’s Office Automation Module

eQuire is an invaluable tool that can take you from nowhere to helping you become very successful and profitable. It is a system that can help you effortless manage your employees, time and processes and ensure their safety at all times:


  • Employee Request Dashboard

    Allows a birds eye-view of all pending requests

  • Business Card Request

    Employee can raise requisition for Business Cards

  • Expense Claim Form

    Expense Claim Forms can be submitted

  • Employee IT service Request

    Requisition for IT Service Request

  • Airport Facilities for Employee

    Request for Airport Facilities

  • Company Property Receipt

    Acknowledges receipt of assets/ company property

  • Health Insurance

    Non Qualifying Dependent; – Record and claims for Health Insurance

  • Personal Request for Immigration Service

    Raise requests for immigration services

  • Professional Membership Request

    Address requests for Professional Memberships

  • Referral Bonus Application

    Record & address Referral Bonus records.

  • Return to Work after Medical Leave (Pregnancy included)

    Maintains complete work details & Records.

  • Annual Airfare

    Maintains the eligibility for Annual Airfare.

eQuire e-Procurement / Sourcing Module:

eQuire’s e-Procurement/ Sourcing module provides online collaboration and negotiation tools and intelligence to achieve cost savings and obtain more value. The solution streamlines and fully integrates sourcing life cycle phases such as strategy development, supplier identification to supplier information or bid solicitation (RFX, RFI, RFP, RFQ, Reverse Auctions, Negotiations, Surveys etc.) qualification, negotiation, award, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.


  • Purchase Requisition Automation

    Achieve cost savings on goods and services

  • Received Evaluation

    Free from complex implementation and maintenance

  • Quotation Evaluation

    Drive accelerated, best-value, best-supplier negotiation

  • Purchase Requisition/ Quotation Received – Evaluation Dashboard

    Allows the management to empower employees and simultaneously exercising control, thus being fully informed the same time.

  • Vendor Quotation Evaluation

    Improve stakeholder involvement with online collaboration.

  • LPO issue Register – Dashboard

    Ensure best-practice continuous improvement in strategic sourcing