In the current realm of competitive business ecosystem, enterprises are undergoing unprecedented transformation. Octaware having aware of this developed a troupe of Products and Solutions bringing in agility, efficiency while being affordable; that will help you converge in strategizing for your competitive business objectives.

Octaware’s unwavering endeavor is to provide state-of-the-art products and solutions for diverse industries such as:



Employee Relationship Management System

A perfect centralized web-based system for organizations built to effectively manage employee

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Hospital Information Management System

Enabling healthcare institutions for effective decision making and improved patient care.

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Automated Asset Tracking And Management System

A RFID and Barcode based end-to-end asset security, tracking and management system

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Brokerage Management System

A comprehensive Brokerage Management Suite that powers a trader to build strategy, analyse the market and seize opportunities with cutting-edge analytical and professional tools and rapid trading capabilities.

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UrgentCare Clinic Management System

For Urgentcare clinics, delivering effective and timely emergency care (their core business), in the face of rapid changes, is challenging in itself.

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Real Estate CRM Solution

A CRM solution for real estate brokers and construction companies to manage their prospects, properties, inquiries and customers in sales, marketing and business processes.

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Patient Relationship Management Solution

Life2Care manages relationship of healthcare centers with patients and facilitates them to provide better service and care, thus allowing them to impart patient

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Enterprise Content And Document Management System

An easy-to-use DMS solution that helps increase efficiency and productivity by improving the way the businesses organize and manage their business

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Office Automation and E-Procurement Solution

The Office Automation and Procurement solution to efficiently manage and automate administrative and procurement tasks eliminating the need of paper.

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