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Our solutions will help employees improve effectiveness and efficiency, lowering operational time and agency costs, bettering employee engagement and enhance retention.

Reaching out to the demands of citizens drives Governments to empower its employees to deliver agile and productive performance.

With Government to Employees (G2E) services by Octaware, we provide sophisticated and intuitive solutions to Governments that will not only assist those employees in their daily administrative processes, but also improve organisational efficiencies and accountability, maximise limited resources, render optimal solutions and enhance the quality of service to citizens in much better and faster way.

Octaware solutions will help you go paperless, automate the internal processes and improve collaboration within the organization.


  • Business Process Automation
  • Employee Self-service and Safety Portal
  • Workflow and Document management



Human Resource Management System

Octaware’s Human Resource Management System is a centralized web based system to effectively manage the workforce relationships by providing access to a variety of information resources within an organization.

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Automated Asset Tracking And Management System
iOnAsset help the departments to increase the inventory accuracy, prevents unauthorized movement of assets and reduces the overhead costs.
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Document Management And Archiving Solution
eDocNet is an easy to use solution that helps businesses make dramatic gains in efficiency and productivity by improving the way they organize and manage their official documents, information and processes.
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