1911, 2019

Design Your Life – Design Thinking

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You might have heard of the term Design Thinking. Leading brands across the world, including Apple, Google, Nike, Pepsi, and Samsung, have adopted Design Thinking. Design Thinking is even being offered as a subject at some top universities around the world, including Harvard, MIT, and Stanford. But what is all this about? Why is it taking the corporate world by storm? And why do I want to know more? What is Design Thinking, anyway? There are many definitions, explanations, and even myths doing the rounds, about design thinking. Some say it’s just the next bubble, and conventional methods are the [...]

1611, 2018

Octaware established in Middle-East Market

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As part of its business growth plans, Octaware Technologies started MiddleEast operations starting this year. Octaware joined hands with "Gulf Energy - Technology and Projects" and started an office in Doha.

2307, 2018

Behaviors That Create Success & Happiness

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Give yourself permission to say YES only to the things that lift you up. Take time to evaluate, plan & be proactive with your journey in life, so you’re directing your own destiny. Practice being patient and at peace with the “Grey Areas” in life, remembering uncertainty is the breeding ground of new possibilities! Put in place daily life-affirming rituals & reminders to keep you focused on your goals & what’s most important to you. Be conscious of what’s going on inside your mind. Practice loving self-talk. Wear “Solution Eyes” each day, look beyond issues with the [...]

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